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Two More Features For Next Version of Foster Parent Assistant

Posted by Philip Foster on November 14, 2013 at 6:00 AM

We remain hard at work on the next version of Foster Parent Assistant.  We have been adding the new features which were promised in our last blog post.  As we have been working on these features, we decided on two additional new features for the update.  Both of these new features should improve the usability of Foster Parent Assistant.

  • Export information for the selected child.  This will allow foster parents to export all available information for the selected child.  Information will be exported into several different text files.  These files will be saved to a folder on the device's SD card.  This will provide parents with an easy way to provide information requested by outside sources.  There may be times when a social worker or other individual needs to be able to see the information collected on a particular child.  This new feature will make that possible.
  • View all children who have ever been entered into the system.  Right now, the application only provides parents with access to children who are still considered foster children.  The software allows parents to set the date that a child was either adopted or left the care of the application user.  Right now, once a child has either been adopted or left care they are no longer viewable inside the application.  It came to our attention, that this could be a problem.  There may well be times when a parent needs to be able to view information on a former foster child.  The new version will allow parents to view all of the children who have ever been in their care.

We hope that this will provide foster parents with additional tools to make their lives easier.  We are well aware that being a foster parent is A LOT of work.  If this application can help to ease at least some of the record keeping chores, it is well worth our time in developing it.

As with these new features, we will continue to do our best to come up with new features that will make Foster Parent Assistant the best application possible.

Stay tuned for more information about this update.  Also, we are hoping to be able to announce a release date for this update sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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