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Foster Parent Assistant Version 1.3 Coming Monday, December 16

Posted by Philip Foster on December 12, 2013 at 8:00 PM

The latest update for Foster Parent Assistant will be released on Monday, December 16.  Right now we are working on fixing the last few bugs.  In addition, we are working on getting the website ready for the release of the latest version of our flagship product.  Version 1.3 will provide more updates (and new features) than any previous release of Foster Parent Assistant.  Most importantly, we believe that the changes will make foster parents' lives easier.  That is our goal.  Foster Parent Assistant is of no use to foster parents if it makes life more difficult.  That is the last thing foster parents need.  With that in mind, we are constantly seeking ways to make Foster Parent Assistant more user friendly and building in as many great features as possible.  The version 1.3 release addresses both of these issues with the application.  So, without further delay, here is a list of the updates we have made for Foster Parent Assistant version 1.3.


  • Replaced the swipe navigation system from previous versions with buttons.  Users were reporting problems with the responsiveness of the swipe method of navigating the application.  We considered simply trying to fix the swipe responsiveness.  However, in the end, we felt that it would be easier to replace the swiping with forward and back buttons.  This affects the main screen, the Conversation screen and the Notes screen.
  • Added the ability to save a Social Security Number and Medical Insurance Number for each child.  Both of these fields are optional.  In addition, the Social Security Number is masked as it is entered.  In order to retrieve it, the parent must create and enter a password.  Also, the Social Security Number is stored in an encrypted form in the database.
  • In previous versions of Foster Parent Assistant, children who had been marked as having been adopted or having left the user's foster home were no longer viewable inside the application.  It was brought to our attention that there may be times when a foster parent needs access to "old" children.  Fortunately this information is still stored in the database.  The application now provides foster parents with the ability to view these children.  It is optional and can be toggled on and off with a check box at the bottom of the main screen.
  • Foster parents can now same the names (and relationships to the child) for more than one biological parent.  Previously, there was simply a single biological parent field.  This has been replaced with the ability to enter more than one one biological parent along with each parent's relationship to the foster child.  Biological parents entered using previous versions of Foster Parent Assistant will be seemlessly moved over to the new configuration.
  • Added the name of the current child to the bottom of the Conversation and Notes screens.  These screens only allow parents to work with the child currently selected on the main screen.  In previous versions, once the parent opened the Conversation or Note screen it was no longer possible to see the name of the current child.  Therefore, it was not possible to see whose conversations (or notes) were being updated.  Now, the name of the currently selected child will appear at the bottom of both screens.

We trust that these new features will make Foster Parent Assistant more usable and our users more interested in the application.  If you appreciate these updates please spread the word about Foster Parent Assistant.  The more users we have the better.  Also, please let us know what you think by rating (and reviewing) the application.  We have already made changes to the application based on feedback on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pinepointmobile.fosterparent" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Google Play.

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