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Foster Parent Assistant

Cost:  FREE

Current Version:  1.3.4 (Get Version History)


This Android application provides foster parents with a central location for tracking information on their foster child(ren).  Foster parents can track everything from the date the child arrived to information about the child's social worker and/or attorney.  It is also possible to log information regarding key conversations/meetings about the selected foster child.  In addition to the main application, foster parents can purchase add-ons which will expand the functionality of the application in selected areas.  This allows foster parents to customize the application to suit their particular needs.bout

Foster Parent Assistant Add-Ons

Foster Parent Assistant - Financial Assistant

Cost:  $.99

Current Version:  1.0.3

(Get Version History)



  • Add custom income/expense categories
  • Add income transactions
  • Add expense transactions
  • Update income transactions
  • Update expense transactions
  • Post reimbursable expenses and reimbursements
  • View balances

Foster Parent Assistant - Appointment Assistant

Cost:  $.99

Current Version 1.0.1

(Get Version History)

Appointment Assistant (All Devices)

Appointment Assistant (Ice Cream Sandwich and later)


  • Add appointments
  • Edit appointments
  • Search appointments
  • Cancel appointments
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Copy appointments
  • Automatically save appointments to device calendar (Ice Cream Sandwich only)
Foster Parent Assistant Requirements

Foster Parent Assistant requires an Android device running Android Version 2.2 (Froyo) or higher.  It will run equally well on smartphones and tablets.
Foster Parent Assistant Features
  • Track information on individual foster children (name, DOB, biological parent name, medical insurance number, etc.)
  • Enter encrypted Social Security Number for child (optional and also password protected)
  • Export information on foster chil
  • Take pictures of foster children.  Pictures are saved with the selected child.
  • Delete pictures that are no longer wanted.
  • Mark child(ren) who have been adopted or who have left the foster home, but continue to have access to these children for reference (or updating) purposes
  • Track names and phone numbers for social workers and attorneys
  • Enter/update information about important conversations the foster parent has had with social workers, attorneys or others
  • Enter notes about specific foster children
  • Download add-ons to expand the functionality of the application

Additional Foster Parent Assistant Screen Shots

Data Scanner

Cost:  $.99

Current Version:  1.0.2 (Get Version History)


This is an Android application that scans bar codes.  However, it goes beyond the standard bar code scanners.  It is meant for businesses.  It scans the bar code and stores it in a database.  From the database, users can retrieve the data to manipulate in their company's own software or database solution.  Data Scanner provides users with the ability to create their own apps to access the scan data.  It also provides the ability to export the data for use on a pc.  Finally, there is a .NET component available that allows .NET programmers to create applications to download and manipulate the scans.  For example, download the scans and use them to lookup information in a custom database.

Data Scanner Requirements

Data Scanner requires an Android device running Android Version 2.2 (Froyo) or higher.  It will run equally well on smartphones and tablets.  It does require a camera, GPS sensor and SD Card as well. 

Data Scanner Features

  • Scan barcodes with barcode scanner already on device.
  • Delete individual scans for a selected barcode for the current day.
  • Scanner saves barcodes, scan time and location information to a database.
  • Customize the barcodes the scanner recognizes.
  • Customize how the scanner processes the scans.
  • Export scan information to a text file.
  • Developers can write applications to process scan information on Android and Windows (.NET)


Additonal Data Scanner Screen Shots


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4-Star Review on Google Play

Foster Parent Assistant is on the National Foster Parent Association website!  It is near the bottom of this page under Products/Internet.

Foster Parent Assistant is on the Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) website!  It is on their Resources and Links page under other resources.  It includes a brief description and a link to the Google Play page.